At New Shanghai Barbershop, it is important for us to provide a haircut tailored for your lifestyle. We integrate a consultation into all our services for a better client experience and finished result.

Haircut & Beard $50+

Full service from the neck up. New Shanghai Haircut & Beard Trim including hair wash. Straight razor line-up by request.

Haircut $40 

Process of cutting and shaping hair. Faded sides or taper, followed by styling. Hair wash available, Straight razor line-up by request.

Fade $30

Clippers only (no scissors). Faded sides with single length on top of the head; Straight razor line-up by request.

Buzz Cut $20

Single length all clipper cut with taper; Straight razor line-up by request.

Beard Trim $20

Competent shaping and cutting of any facial hair.

Hot Shave Treatment $40

Traditional hot towel & lather straight razor shave.

Clean up $15

Tapered neck line and sideburns, including straight razor line-up by request. This is for someone who needs a tidy between cuts, has a meeting, or a hot date. Keep in mind, this is not a haircut. Private scheduling only- please contact your barber for accommodations.

 -all taxes are included-