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Our Story

      New Shanghai Barbershop was founded in 1963 by Master Barber Jack Gee. A native of Hoi Ping, China, Gee was a well practiced barber before immigrating to Canada in the mid 1970s. Landing in Vancouver, Master Gee situated his business on the bustling streets of historic Chinatown where he became a staple in the neighborhood for decades to come.


      The year was 2016 and much had changed. Master Gee was no longer spry, his children had become grown, and many of his clients had lost their hair. No wonder, Master Gee had turned 81, and retirement was definitely well deserved. One day, a younger man begged the question “How long is all this gonna last?”, a man not unlike Master Gee many decades ago. A Barber with a plan, and a team who wanted to carry the torch of New Shanghai. After numerous visits, a few conversations and the finesse of a translator, the business of New Shanghai Barbershop was brokered to change hands the old fashioned way, over a handshake and a smile. Master Gee was poised to retire, content to leave his legacy in the hands of the next generation of New Shanghai Barbers. 


      Since taking over, the Barbers of New Shanghai have been working hard to curate a blend of what’s old and new through both haircuts and atmosphere. The once tired shop now looks better than ever; polished concrete floors, marble counters over solid wood cabinetry and a host of vintage barber chairs which all pre-date 1950. A pool table for some friendly competition and a soundtrack that fills the room with music that straight up bumps. The art which drapes the walls is ever-changing, as is the skillset of the barbers within. They are a committed group who place the needs of their clients in front of their own and understand the value of well performed work.


      For the past 58 years, hair has been falling down on the floors of New Shanghai Barbershop. The haircuts that Master Gee and his consigliere “Roy” cut for decades, are the same haircuts that New Shanghai Barbers cut now, only with a modern twist. Our barbers have both theory and technical training to ensure they understand how hair grows and ultimately how it rests. Each haircut is crafted from a strong understanding of a client’s hair growth pattern, ensuring a polished result that will grow out naturally. Our cuts are tailored to each head shape; sideburns and neckline are tapered, edges are always crisp to enhance the finished look. 


      With both barbers and owners being so passionate about their craft, New Shanghai Barbershop offers apprenticeship opportunities and continued education to anyone who shares the same interest in learning and self development. This allows new barbers a chance to get in-shop experience and affords us the opportunity to pass down knowledge to the next generation. New Clients, Welcome! We invite you to join us on our journey and hope that you will adventure to Chinatown for an experience that is more than just a haircut. To our existing clients, we are grateful to have shared in your progress over so many years. The laughs and conversations exchanged over haircuts are the true fabric that is the soul of New Shanghai Barbershop Vancouver.

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Jack Gee & Roy 

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